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Work packages

The project is made up of five core themes, all subdivided in workpackages

Core themes

CT Title CT leader CT co-leader
CT1 Predictability of key oceanic and atmospheric quantities Johann Jungclaus (MPG) Marie-Noelle Houssais (UPMC)
CT2 Monitoring of North Atlantic parameters Johannes Karstensen (GEOMAR) Karin Margretha H. Larsen (Havstovan)
CT3 Initialization of prediction systems with ocean observations Steffen Olsen (DMI) Mojib Latif (GEOMAR)
CT4 Impact on the oceanic ecosystem and urban societies Mark Payne (DTU AQUA) Koen De Ridder (VITO)
CT5 Dissemination of NACLIM and coordination across EUPORIAS, NACLIM and SPECS Detlef Quadfasel (UHAM) Bart Thomas (GIM)


The workpackages (short WP) are indentified with a code and a title.

The code is WP X.Z

WP= stands for workpackage

X= stands for the number of the core theme each workpackage belongs to

Z= is the sequence number identifying that particular workpackage

(i.e. WP 1.2 is thus the WP number 2 belonging to the core theme 1)

Work package No. Work package title Leading partner WP leader
1.1 Predictability of the North Atlantic/Arctic ocean surface state and key oceanic quantities controlling it MPG Johann Jungclaus (MPG)
1.2 Predictability of the atmosphere related to the North Atlantic/Arctic UPMC Claude Frankignoul (UPMC)
1.3 Mechanisms of ocean surface state variability UPMC Marie-Noelle Houssais (UPMC)
2.1 Exchanges across the Greenland-Scotland-Ridge UNIRES Karin Margretha H. Larsen (Havstovan)
2.2 Transports in the subpolar North Atlantic GEOMAR Johannes Karstensen (GEOMAR)
2.3 Joint model - observational data comparison UHAM Detlef Quadfasel (UHAM)/ Bert Rudels (FMI)
3.1 Suitability of the ocean observing system components for initialization GEOMAR Mojib Latif (GEOMAR)
3.2 Impact of Arctic initialization on forecast skill DMI Steffen Olsen (DMI)
4.1 Impact on the oceanic ecosystem DTU AQUA Mark Payne (DTU AQUA)
4.2 Impact on urban societies VITO Koen De Ridder (VITO)
5.1 Scientific coordination UHAM Detlef Quadfasel (UHAM)
5.2 Outreach, dissemination and climate services UHAM Detlef Quadfasel (UHAM)/ Bart Thomas (GIM)
5.3 Coordination across EUPORIAS, NACLIM and SPECS projects UHAM Detlef Quadfasel (UHAM)
6 Management UHAM Project office (UHAM)
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