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CT2 Data Collection

Observational Data 

The NACLIM observational database is currently accessible by default only to the project partners, but it may also be used by external researchers not directly working for the project, but interested in its results and data. To request access, you can either send an email to the Project Office (naclim @ or you can contact the scientists in charge of the relevant sections listed below (click on the links and find the contact person).

Pre-NACLIM observational data

The NACLIM Core Theme 2 "Monitoring of North Atlantic parameters" focuses on the operation and optimization of a targeted system of observations that will allow monitoring key properties at certain key sections/location. The NACLIM project has inherited the observational data collected thanks to the the EU FP7 THOR project ( and other national based project during the period 2008-2012.

The NACLIM pre-series are made up of the final THOR observational data.

The so called “final THOR data = pre-NACLIM observational data” provide a summary of the inventory of data from former projects with references to the data available and to contact persons in the NACLIM group.

At this stage, the data previously collected have been simply transferred to the  NACLIM project.

After the first period of research cruises within the NACLIM project (in 2013-2014) an update of the data sets will be available as “NACLIM observational data”.

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