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Labrador Sea WBC
  Data set  Labrador Sea Deep Western Boundary Current (DWBC) transport at 53° N  
  Description  5-day averages of DWBC along-shore volume transport as measured at the 53° N mooring array, per water mass  in depth layers
  Period  July 1997 – April 2012
  Location  53° 0′ N   51° 0′ W (map)  
  Instruments  Moored rotor current meters (RCM); acoustic current meters (ACM); acoustic Doppler current profilers (ADCP)  
  Variables  NADW, NEADW, DSOW, LNADW - along-shore volume transport for each water mass (LSW transport may be derived as described in the readme-file)

Johannes Karstensen, Jürgen Fischer and Rainer Zantopp (GEOMAR)

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