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Map of data locations

The dots on the map represent a data set available for that region. The colours are used to differentiate between transport (red), hydrography (yellow) and mooring (orange) data sets. The dotted lines represent hydrographic sections. Pointing at a dot or a line shows which data set is represented, and clicking takes you to its description page.

Clickable map of the North Atlantic, showing source locations of data sets.

Ellet LineOSNAP lineOSNAP lineFaroe Bank ChannelHornbanki sectionHornbanki sectionRAPID arrayIrminger SeaLabrador Sea WBCNordic SeasWyville Thomson RidgeDenmark StraitDenmark StraitFaroe Shetland ChannelCentral Labrador SeaFaroe CurrentCentral Labrador SeaLOCO 2Central Irminger SeaAngmagssalik ArrayKogur SectionIceland-Faroe RidgeRockall Trough

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