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Core themes 1 and 3


CT1 /CT3 Meeting: 19-20 March 2014, Hamburg (DE)

Goals: 1) Providing an overview of work in progress and/or future work planned regarding 'influence of SST/sea ice on atmosphere and atmospheric predictability; atmospheric influence on SST/sea ice; 2) Discussing how to identify possible cross-institutional collaboration and joint studies, like extending analysis to more than one mode.

Who: all scientists of CT1 and CT3

Attendance list:download


Where: Max Planck Institute, Bundesstr. 53 D-20146 Hamburg

Presentations available:

  1. Sally Close (UPMC): WP1.3 Large-scale patterns of sea ice variability Download
  2. Claude Frankignoul (UPMC): LOCEAN/UPMC contributions to WP 1.2 Download
  3. Javier Garcia-Serrano (UPMC): On the observed connection between Arctic sea-ice and Eurasian snow in relation to the winter NA Download
  4. Javier Garcia-Serrano (UPMC): On the predictability of the winter North Atlantic Oscillation: lagged influence of autumn Arctic sea-ice and Eurasian snow Download
  5. Guillaume Gastineau (UPMC): The midlatitude influence of the AMOC onto the atmosphere Download
  6. Christophe Herbaut (UPMC): Winter sea ice variability in the Barents Sea Download
  7. Na Wen (UPMC): AMOC Feedback to Atmosphere in IPSLCM5A-
    MR Download
  8. Lingling Suo (NERSC): The autumn-winter atmospheric response to the projected autumn Arctic sea ice free conditions Download
  9. Marie Vicomte (CNRS/IPSL/LMD): The connexion SST/SIC/Formation of intense mesoscale storms Download
  10. Andrey Vlasenko (UHAM): Sensitivity of atmospheric near-land temperature in Europe to SST Download


CT1 /CT3 Meeting: 22-23 April 2013, Hamburg (DE)

Goal: To detail the workplan for the work packages and the deliverables

Who: all scientists of CT1 and CT3

Attendance list: download

Where: Institute of Oceanography Bundesstr. 53 D-20146 Hamburg

Presentations available:

  1. Introduction, Johann Jungclaus (MPG)
  2. EC mandatory requirements and reporting duties, Chiara Bearzotti (UHMA)
  3. Data policy, Katrin Latarius (UHAM)
  4. Presentation, Reema Agarwal (UHAM)
  5. Presentation, Claude Frankignoul (UPMC)
  6. Presentation, Guillaume Gastineau (UPMC)
  7. Presentation, Marie Noelle Houssais and Christophe Herbaut (UPMC)
  8. Presentation, Xueyuan (Stephanie) Liu (UHAM)
  9. Presentation, Katja Lohmann (MPG)
  10. Presentation, Steffen Olsen (DMI)
  11. Presentation, Wonsun Park (GEOMAR)
  12. Presentation, Detlef Stammer (UHAM)
  13. Presentation, LingLing Suo and Yongqi Gao (NERSC)
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