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NACLIM Project Final Report

The project final report (technical part) as well as the third progress report were accepted by the Commission and the evaluation report was released in June 2017, please go to IntranetIntranet (report interim) to download the reports.

Status reports UHI-User requirements and service specifications

The aim of these documents is to update the NACLIM WP4.2 end-users on a quarterly basis (starting 2014) on the progress of the work and the planned activities for the next period.

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[01 March 2016]

Progress report for the period project months 19 - 36

Full report, including all work packages reports available in the intranet

[30 June 2014]

Progress report for the period project months 1-18

Full report, including all work packages reports available in the intranet

[16 April 2014]

Faroe Bank Channel Overflow

HAVSTOVAN NR.: 14-01, TECHNICAL REPORT published in March 2014

Authors: Bogi Hansen, Karin M. H. Larsen, Regin Kristiansen, Ebba Mortensen,  Svein Østerhus.

Since November 1995, the overflow through the Faroe Bank Channel has been monitored by different kinds of instrumentation. A key element in the monitoring system is data from ADCPs that have been deployed at a fixed location on the sill of the channel, usually from early summer one year to early summer the next with 3 – 4 weeks servicing intervals.

Read and download the full report in PDF [>>]

[February 2014]

Report on Arctic research funded by the European Union

The European Union has supported polar research through a large number of collaborative projects, among others NACLIM and THOR, coordination activities, and support to infrastructures. Under the seventh framework programme for research and technological development (FP7, 2007-13) about 200 Mio euro were spent on research related to the Arctic. This brochure highlights the ongoing activities supported by the environment (including climate change) and the infrastructure programmes of FP7. The research adds to a number of already completed projects funded by FP7 which address all relevant aspects of Arctic environmental change like ocean and climate, sea ice, tipping points, glaciers, permafrost, marine and terrestrial ecosystems as well as the effects of Arctic change on humans including direct impacts on health, the economy and global sea level rise.

This publication mentions the NACLIM and THOR projects.


[20 January 2014]

Monitoring the flow of Atlantic water through the Faroe-Shetland Channel

HAVSTOVAN NR.: 13-13, TECHNICAL REPORT published in December 2013.

Authors: Bogi Hansen, Karin M. H. Larsen, Hjálmar Hátún, Regin Kristiansen, Ebba Mortensen, Barbara Berx, Toby Sherwin, Svein Østerhus, Detlef Quadfasel, Kerstin Jochumsen. Read and download the full report in PDF [>>]

[20 January 2014]

Progress report: 12 months of NACLIM

This is a summary report of the progress achieved in the work packages in these first 12 months of activity. In addition to this, the report offers a look forward indicating the plans for the upcoming 12 months.

Period covered by the report: 12 November 2012-30 November 2013

Date of publication: 3 January 2014

Download the full report in PDF [>>]

NACLIM Gender Panel: first interim report on gender indicators

In the first 6 project months (1 November 2012-30 April 2013), 27 women have been working for the NACLIM project.  This corresponds to 43% of the entire workforce employed by the project in the reference period. The report is based on the data delivered by NACLIM partners. Date of publication: 5 June 2013.

Read the full report: download PDF

The Gender Panel of NACLIM is made up of Laura De Steur (NIOZ), Marie-Noelle Houssais (UPMC) and Bogi Hansen (HAV), and it is supported by the Project Office (UHAM).

Interim financial report

it provides aggregated data on the status of the project for the first 6 months of operation, with details on the commitments and actual payments in the period 1 November 2012-30 April 2013 [>>]


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